Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chris Brown Pleads Guilty to Assault!

Do you guys remember my video about the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna nonsense that I made when the story first broke? I didn't know (and neither did any of ya'll!) what in the hell was going on. Everybody had a different story, even STD's were thrown in the mix. In case you don't recall, heres my video on the issue

LOS ANGELES - Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault on pop star Rihanna.

Brown entered his plea before a preliminary hearing was scheduled to start in Los Angeles on Monday.

Rihanna had been on standby to testify.

Brown will be sentenced on Aug. 5, but the terms of the plea deal call for him to serve five years of formal probation and six months -- roughly 1,400 hours -- of community labor. Brown will be able to complete his probation in his home state of Virginia; he will have to do either graffiti removal or roadside cleanup for his service.

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